Welcome to the American Martial Institute & Acupuncture Clinic!

We are dedicated to providing the Kitsap and surrounding communities with quality natural health remedies and martial arts training. Focus is placed on health and personal empowerment via principles rooted in ancient philosophy, applied to modern life.


History of the Institute:

After many years of training under Shigong Yang, Jwing-ming, Daifu Jack Jones founded American Shaolin Martial Arts in Bremerton WA in the year 1992. After years of teaching Daifu Jack Jones cultivated a hunger for other aspects of chinese culture and health. He entered Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine college at The Northwest Institute of Orental Medicine and graduated with his Masters in 2003. At that point He renamed the school to its current name and passed on his knowlege to his most dedicated students. Shifu Julian Gregory is second oldest disciple and is the owner and lead instructor of the Institute. He has studied with Daifu Jones for 20 years and also attained his Masters in Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University in 2008. Shifu Julian traveled the world practicing Chinese Gongfu and Oriental Medicine for 8 years and has returned to the community to spread the benefits of Gongfu and Oriental Medicine. AMI has a 23 year history of providing unparalelled martial arts instruction to all ages and fitness levels. Now we offer a full range of natural health remedies to help the entire county become more balanced, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Contact us or stop by with any questions you may have.