Introductory lessons: $100 Dollars and the student will receive two half hour private lessons and a free uniform! The private lessons may be scheduled at the students convenience. After the lesson there is no obligation, but you may choose to continue and the payment format that fits you best. 

Students may choose one of the following options:


Month to Month: $140/month without a commitment and first and last month is due upon attending first class. The student may come to all classes they can attend.

One Year Commitment: $100 The student can commit for one year which REQUIRES an enrollment in autopay either on a credit or debit card. This entitles the student to all classes and will save the student more money and time in the long run. After the initial year, there is no further commitment and the price will remain the same.




Drop-in Classes: $30 per class. The student may wish to come on a limited basis so they may pay per class. At anytime the student may opt into another payment structure. 


                          IN ADDITION                                              


Private lessons: $60 per hour and the private lesson can be tailored to the students goals. (package pricing available)


Acupuncture sessions: $50 per each 45 min. session (Package pricing available)


Herbal Consultations: $30 for half an hour. Each consult includes an eastern medicine diagnosis, herbal formula (Cost may vary) and dietary program.